The Sustainable Settlements project is a framework of existing and emerging technologies and methodologies to improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of settlements. Based on a holistic sustainability approach, the focus is on finding specific interventions which enable social improvement and sectorial collaboration as well as reducing negative consequences of environmental flows. 

Options presented in this document can function as standalone interventions, but will be particularly efficient as mutually reinforcing community ‘maximizers’, generating value and opportunities for a life with dignity. With this ‘catalogue’ of options, the project will aim to further develop concepts for the implementation of on-site pilot projects. 

This catalogue has been devised to present a synthesis of research into alternative and emerging technologies that have unrealised potential in meeting a range of needs in humanitarian emergencies and displacement scenarios. These approaches present opportunities for the humanitarian community to reduce impacts on the environment and lifetime costs of service provision whilst increasing value for money, impact and efficiencies. 

The majority of interventions in this catalogue are well known within the development and appropriate technology sectors and have been selected as those seen as most viable for NRC to implement and evaluate in displacement scenarios. 

Sustainable Settlements
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