In line with IOM’s strategic focus on responding to emergencies and building the capacity of governments and Member States[1], IOM aims to contribute to displacement prevention and enhanced resilience in times of displacement, by means of supporting key stakeholders in preparedness to population displacement induced by natural disasters in Thailand.  IOM is using targeted and contextually relevant capacity building to work in partnership with key Government actors.  The project is enhance capacity in coordination and management of displacement situations, based on general principles of disaster risk reduction and specific objectives of camp management and camp coordination (CCCM).



The project was developed together with the Royal Thai Government (RTG) Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) and at their request. The model builds on the key achievements obtained under the CCCM capacity building program implemented in southern Africa over the last 2 years, evolving from worldwide IOM capacity building initiatives in the past; introducing an innovative and practical approach to disaster risk preparedness with the main objective of fostering national ownership and long-term sustainability of activities.

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