We are pleased to share with you the first edition of the Minimum Standards in Camp Management. These are based on the fundamental belief that the rights of all displaced persons must be respected and their needs met in a way that supports their dignity.

The primary audience for these standards are site managers and their teams, however they may also be useful for planners, policy makers, technical specialist, donors, academics and those working on advocacy, media or communication.

Different organizational approaches to site management are encouraged to use these standards, recognizing that different organizational approaches may be needed to realize these standards, depending on the context. The generic term site management agency (SMA) has been used however throughout the document.

The Minimum Standards for Camp Management share a common structure, similar to other humanitarian standards to support the reader in their understanding the universal statement (the minimum standard) follow by a series of key actions, key indicators and guidance notes to achieve them. They do not cover all aspects of humanitarian assistance that supports the right to life with dignity. Partner organizations have developed complimentary standards in several sectors based on the same philosophy and commitments as this set of standards. These are available through Sphere, the Humanitarian Partnership and its partner organizations own websites.

The online version is available on the Sphere website here.