This session focuses on the prevention and mitigation measures required for gender-based violence mainstreaming that have been embraced by the CCCM Cluster as a key part of its core values and principles. These prevention and mitigation measures are also part of the Cluster’s commitment to reducing risks and vulnerabilities. Gender-based violence is among the greatest protection challenges that individuals, families and communities face during humanitarian emergencies. CCCM actors (managers, coordinators and administrators) share the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of affected populations during the entire life cycle of a camp. This module could be used as a wrap-up to the entire training, recapping on the commitments that were made in each session, or as a stand-alone commitment to GBV mainstreaming.

It is thematically linked to the sessions:


  1. Defining of mainstreaming
  2. Why do we mainstream?
  3. Mitigation and prevention in the camp life cycle
  4. Creating the road map
  5. Measuring progress
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