This module highlights the importance of community participation as a human right and its relevance to restore a sense of dignity and influence for displaced communities in camps and camp-like settings. The module reflects on the perception and interest of participation by both Camp Management teams and community groups, including displaced men and women, boys and girls, and their surrounding host community.

Setting up camp governance and improving the engagement of men and women in decision-making in camp matters is explored in this module.

The module also identifies different ways of engaging with communities, in particular at-risk groups, in a meaningful manner considering the context and the camp phase.

This module reflects on the fact that increasing women’s participation in camp governance structures could enable them to voice their safety concerns and support the identification of responses to mitigate identified GBV risks.

It is thematically linked to:


  1. What is community participation? (45 mins)
  2. Individual vs. collective action (15 mins) (optional)
  3. Skills, capacities and barriers to participation (15 mins)
  4. Steps to assess and support community participation structures and governance systems (60 mins)
  5. What can be done at each phase of the camp life cycle (20 mins) (optional)
  6. Accountability (15 mins)
  7. Conducting a focus group discussion (45 mins)
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