This session raises awareness of key gender issues and questions related to the concept of Gender Based Violence (GBV). It examines the increased risk, mostly faced by women and adolescent girls and boys living in camps and camp-like settings, to GBV acts. It informs staff how to use the referral pathway in the event of an emergency and can expand on their responsibilities to implement a community-based complaint mechanism. Other useful and related concepts that could be combined with this training are sessions on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) which is introduced in Module 3 with an emphasis that each agency should be utilising their institutional reporting procedures and the Code of Conduct. Additionally, the topics of Confidentiality and Data Protection are found in Module 6.  

Thematically Introduction to Camp Management is linked to: 

  • Module 3: Humanitarian Principles 

  • Module 6: Data Collection and Information Management 

  • Module 7: Monitoring Protection Risks  

  • Module 13: GBV Mainstreaming 


  1. Defining gender
  2. Gender differences in camp settings
  3. GBV: forms, consequences and CMA actions
  4. The Survivor-Centred Approach
  5. Referral pathways
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