Insecurity stemming from crises in neighbouring countries impacts populations in Niger. In Diffa region, where a state of emergency has been in place since 2015, Boko Haram continues to carry out sporadic attacks on civilians and against the authorities, whilst around 168,000 Nigerian refugees have crossed the border seeking safety in Niger.?Cross-border violence and intercommunal tensions also affect Tillaberi and Tahoua regions, leading to significant population displacement. ?Since September 2018, the Burkina Faso border area has seen increasing attacks by jihadist armed groups against the local population and authorities, leading to States of Emergency declared in several departments. ?

INFORM measures Niger's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be high, at 6.7/10. Lack of coping capacity and vulnerability are of particular concern at 7.6/10 and 6.8/10 respectively.?

Latest Developments

Since the start of the rainy season in June, at least 50,000 people nationwide have been affected by floods, with at least 22 people killed and 35 others injured as at 31 July. The floods have caused the collapse of more than 5,500 houses, the deaths of hundreds of cattle, destruction of granaries, and the loss of 6 metric tons of food. Zinder, Maradi, Diffa, Tahoua, Dosso, and Tillabéri are the most affected regions. Some of the affected people are reported to have taken refuge in schools, while the whereabouts of others are not yet reported. Shelter, NFIs, and food are likely needed. The impact of the floods, including the number of people affected, is expected to increase as further rain is predicted. Some 250,000 people were affected by floods in Niger in 2021.  People initially displaced by insecurity are likely to be displaced again during the rainy season, which will end in September.?

Key Figures

Total population
People in Need
Moderate humanitarian conditions - Level 3
Severe humanitarian conditions - Level 4
Key figures are for the entire response and are not CCCM-specific.

INFORM Global Crisis Severity Index

Crisis Severity: 3.5

Impact: 4.1

Humanitarian Conditions: 3.7

Complexity: 2.9

Access Constraints: 3

The above scale is from 0 (Very low) to 5 (Very high)
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