chapter 3

We are proud to present Chapter 3 and 4 of the CCCM Case Studies. Chapter 3 of the CCCM (Camp Management and Camp Coordination) case study collection focuses on operations in which the authorities assume the responsibility for site management with the support of humanitarian agencies. These case studies present programmes that have been developed to adapt to an increasingly frequent context of humanitarian agencies providing Site Management Support to the authorities instead of doing Site Management themselves.

  27 Sep 2019

CMS Webinar Announcement
Join us for a webinar on 23 September to learn about the critical work of Camp Managers and the draft Camp Management Standards. You will hear from experienced Camp Managers who have been involved in the standards development process. It will also be an opportunity to provide your own input on the draft standards. 
  13 Sep 2019

The CCCM Training Registry is now online! We ask all cluster partners worldwide to register their CCCM capacity building events on the CCCM Training Registry. The form, visualization of trainings registered so far, and the instructions, can be found at
  09 Sep 2019

Case Studies 2

Chapter 2 of the CCCM (Camp Management and Camp Coordination) case study collection focuses on camp management operations that utilised mobile and area-based CCCM approaches. The seven case studies were collected from five countries: Iraq (2), Afghanistan (2), South Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon. These case studies presented programmes at their early stages of implementation (Afghanistan B.2), programmes that have been ongoing for several years (Iraq B.3 /Somalia B.6), as well as reflections on past experiences (Lebanon B.5 /Iraq B.4).

  28 Aug 2019

Cover Page - CCCM Case Studies 2016 - 2019. Four children stand smiling behind a woman seated on a hill. They are in Cox's Bazar

The Global CCCM Cluster is pleased to share with you the third edition of the CCCM case studies publication, put together by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

  25 Jul 2019