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Without proper transition or exit plan, both camps and clusters can (and often do) continue to exist in limbo until the next crisis reoccurs in the same location and setting. Even when planning is carried out and invested in, challenges are inevitable when it comes to implementation.

This panel discussion asks: Do we, as humanitarian actors, startup system that is geared too heavily towards our own rulebook? Do we make it more difficult than it should be to handover to local actors? Is the “transition” environment the right time to ask these questions?

By the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Reflected on the challenges of transition in practice
  • Considered the role that both the CCCM Cluster and Camp Management Agencies should play within the process





Intro to the session


Giovanni Cassani



  • SPEAKERS: opening comments
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Q & A


Giovanni Cassani


SPEAKERS – final comments


Giovanni Cassani


Closing Remarks