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What came first: Participation or Accountability? The terms accountability and participation are often used interchangeably, but should they be? Where do community engagement, communicating with communities and inclusion come in?

Through a moderated discussion with panellists representing different perspectives, we will try to find how CCCM practitioners operationalize and interlink these principles in the field. Presentations from the field will highlight some of the specific challenges and barriers to participation that some vulnerable groups face, and offer examples of ways to overcome them as CCCM teams. Today’s session will also include a marketplace, inviting participants to explore and gain more familiarity with the latest CCCM tools and guidance on enhancing participation.

By the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Reflected how CCCM practitioners can/do operationalize and interlink participation, accountability, Cwc and will have identified gaps and strengthen of CCCM approaches in relation to these principles.
  • Understood participation barriers for vulnerable groups living in displacement and the challenges to overcome those for CCCM teams in the field
  • Learnt about latest CCCM tools and guidance on enhancing participation





Intro to the session


Giovanna Federici

Marjolein Roelandt


What came first: Participation or Accountability? 


Giovanna Federici


Participation of Vulnerable Groups. Presentations from:

  • CCCM Cluster Somalia: Inclusion of Washington Short Set of Questions in CFM
  • CP AoR on youth engagement 
  • Participation of the elderly during Covid-19

Marjolein Roelandt


Market Place:

  • NRC Toolbox on Community Engagement
  • Training package CCCM Cluster Somalia for CMC
  • Women in Displacement Platform
  • GN on disability inclusion IOM (TBC)



Closing remarks

 The Participants