Zoom - Central European Standard Time(GMT+1)(Geneva)

As the roles of humanitarian actors and local authorities continue to evolve, CCCM’s framework has always provided an adaptable division of responsibilities to be applied based on the capacities of stakeholders in different settings. In this session we will examine, does the CCCM “flexible framework” go far enough, or is more work needed on localization including on preparedness actions, for CCCM to provide the necessary support required to adapt to the needs of governments, national NGOs and community structures? To be as relevant across all activities as it should be, what is required of Cluster Coordinators? How should capacity building formats change? And what does it take for us all to play our role better?

By the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Taken stock of what CCCM is doing on localization currently noting lessons learned from national NGOs,
  • Learnt recommendations on how the global cluster should move forward on localization





Intro to the session


Jennifer Kvernmo


“What steps GOP has taken to adopt CCCM into their national frameworks”


Mr Clifford Cyril Y. Riveral, Director of Disaster Response Management Bureau (DRMB) – DSWD


“Describe the challenges your teams face in implementing CCCM programming”


Mr Yakzan Shiskakly, CEO NGO Maram Foundation Gaziantep


Human Initiative (HI) experience - Indonesia


Mr Andjar Radite, VP Operations of Human Initiative (HI)


Cluster Coordination (TBC)




Q & A


Jennifer Kvernmo


Coffee / Stretch Break

Breakout groups “next steps”


Localizing Preparedness (English)


Conrado Navidad

Localizing Coordination (English and Thai)


Wan Sophonpanich

Localizing Capacity Building (French)


Cynthia Birikundavyi

Localizing Capacity Building (Spanish)


Nicolas Vexer

Localizing Capacity Building (Arabic)


Mai Barazi

Localizing Capacity Building (English)


Elena Valentini

Localizing Cross-Cutting Issues (English)


Amina Saoudi

Groups recommendations


Jennifer Kvernmo


Closing remarks