In 2019, NRC conducted two qualitative research on women’s participation, as part of a broader project managed by the International Organization for Migration, as the global co-lead of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster. The first research presents practical recommendations for Camp Management agencies to improve the contribution that displaced women can make to the coordination of humanitarian responses in camps, informal sites, and urban out of camp neighbourhoods. The second is on older women’s role in their families and communities during displacement and focuses on the significant influence they have on the safety of women and girls. Camp Management agencies should engage with older women in order to harness and capitalise on their role.

NRC has compiled two sets of resources (video and presentation) that are designed to disseminate the main findings and recommendations from the research to both CCCM and humanitarian practitioners as well as to the community. 

To access the video and presentation on the  Women’s Participation in Coordination, go to this link: 

To access the video and presentation on the Role of Older Women, go to this link: