Location: UN System Staff College, Turin, Italy
Dates: 27 April – 1 May 2015
Facilitators: Valerie Svobodova, Jennifer Kline-Kvernmo, Natalia Pascual, Giovanna Federici, Megan Lind, Jorn Casper Owre
Number of participants: 28

For more than 10 years, one of the main tasks of the global CCCM cluster has been to build competence of CCCM stakeholders working in field operations. A considerable amount of time, energy and resources have been invested to develop field capacity to raise the quality of the interagency CCCM response and ensure effective coordination and management of CCCM operations.

In recent years, new thematic areas of work have been developed within the CCCM cluster including a focus on urban and out of camp populations, referrals and prevention of gender based violence, a renewed interest in participation and accountability to affected populations, and the development of a conflict resolution approach that promotes nonviolent communication principles.
These thematic areas are also reinforced in specific requests for support identified in a capacity building survey conducted during the CCCM retreat 2014. According to the survey the main learning needs identified from CCCM practitioners are gender analysis and prevention of GBV in camp settings. The main learning needs identified in general CCCM thematic areas are community participation and Urban Displacement and Outside of Camps.