The humanitarian impact of the Syria crisis continues to reverberate across the country and the wider region. Most immediately, the crisis has left millions of people facing a daily struggle to survive amidst pervasive threats to their lives, security and well-being. In this context, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus poses serious challenges, with ongoing displacements as well as overcrowded camps and sites exacerbating the risk of infection.

The CCCM Cluster strives to carry out the coordination required to ensure internally displaced persons’ (IDPs) basic needs are addressed to survive and stay in good health. Since insufficient or poorly established services will increase the likelihood of transmitting the virus, effective CCCM activities are essential in planned & self-settled camps, reception & collective centers. Together with the camp management, service providers and local actors (including WASH, Health, Food and Protection partners among others), there is a shared responsibility to create a safe environment to reduce the risk of infection and support the development of contingency plans.