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26 Apr 2022


What do you think are the main activities in site management? What activities can an agency do to improve the level of protection in a camp? Which of the following responsibilities belong to the Camp Management Agency? ( answers at the bottom of the page)

If you can answer these questions then perhaps you have attended a CCCM training in the past. After almost 15 years, CCCM training remains one of the main tasks of the global CCCM cluster.  A considerable amount of time, energy and resources have been invested over the years to provide excellent training resources and develop field capacity. CCCM training aims to raise the quality of the inter-agency CCCM response and ensure effective coordination and management of CCCM operations.

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Capacity Development Support

Face to face training is available for CCCM staff and partners, including government counterparts. The CCCM Cluster has an inter-agency roster of trainers that can be deployed to conduct learning needs assessments and deliver training in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. If you have a question related to CCCM Capacity Building reach out to the Skype group below.

Or if more specific capacity-building support is necessary, please write to the CCCM Cluster team

CCCM Training Registry

The CCCM Training registry is used to track CCCM Capacity Building events conducted by CCCM Cluster partners across the world, to identify gaps and strengths and to consolidate knowledge on in-country CCCM knowledge in order to plan and respond appropriately to current and anticipated CCCM needs. To learn more, view the following Training registry FAQ.

Any CCCM partner organisation who has requested/conducted a CCCM training should record its details through the short form linked below:

CCCM Training Registry Form


Answers to the questions above. (Q1. If you said registration and monitoring of vulnerable cases, encouraging community participation, you got the answer correct. Q2. If you answered being present in the site, organizing an awareness campaign, or identifying IDPs with special protection needs you got the answer correct. Q3. If you answered establishing governance and community participation and collecting and maintaining data to identify the gaps in the provision of protection and assistance and avoiding duplication you got the answer correct.)


Capacity Development Working Group

The aim of the Capacity Development Working Group is to exchange views on adapting, delivering and improving operational capacity in CCCM according to the Global CCCM Cluster mandate and 2017-2021 strategy which prioritizes the predictable, timely, effective and quality management and coordination of camps and camp-like settings in response to humanitarian crises.

The objective of the Capacity Development working group (CDWG) is to provide an exchange between trainers on learning needs, best approaches, new resources and tested methods with a focus on strengthening CCCM operational capacity, coordination and tools. In addition, the CDWG will be a forum for driving the CCCM Cluster to develop new capacity building initiatives, exchange information and knowledge in the area of CCCM learning initiatives.

The Working Group is chaired by Madeline GREEN-ARMYTAGE -

As part of the CCCM Cluster webinar series on Covid-19 in CCCM, the Capacity Development Working Group created several. Below is the webinar on "Training remotely: sharing of tips and best practices for capacity building in remote management"


The most recent one was in French, discussing: "LES COMMUNAUTÉS AU CENTRE: Leçons tirées de la création de la confiance dans la réponse au virus Ebola dans l'est du Congo". This can be found below:


These webinars and all the other video resources related to Capacity Development can be found on our CCCM Youtube page:

CCCM Cluster Youtube

Listen to the recording of the latest Working Group Webinar on Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow Up of Capacity Building Activities


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