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CCCM Case Studies vol.1

This publication is the first edition of Case Studies by the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster. These studies aim to provide field practitioners with a collection of CCCM experiences and lessons for future reference. The Case Studies focus on several CCCM aspects and portray a range of field practices applied by various actors in different regions of the world. The honest appraisal of the successes and challenges of each case study is intended to serve to improve assistance to displaced populations by CCCM actors. We hope that readers from all sectors find these CCCM Case Studies relevant due to the cross-cutting issues presented.

Cluster Coordination Guidelines

This linked document provides CCCM Cluster Coordinators with information on the Cluster approach, CCCM Cluster structure and the activities and responsibilities associated with Cluster Coordination.

For each topic in the structure of this document, specific references to existing guidelines or documents have been chosen to take the Cluster Coordinator straight the most recent (at time of writing) or most comprehensive information on that topic.

CCCM Brief

This document, which serves as an introduction to CCCM, will give you all the details you need to know about CCCM and our activities.

Collective Centre Guidelines

These guidelines focus on lessons learned from years of Collective Centre experience and seek to assist in the planning, implementation, monitoring, maintaining and overall management of Collective Centres to ensure protection and assistance to those in need. Currently available in French, Korean, Spanish or Thai.