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Government Implements CCCM Training in Iraq

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Government Implements CCCM Training in Iraq

April 19th –21st, 2016. Erbil Refugee Council (ERC) under Join Coalition Coordination Center (JCCC), Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, implemented a 3-day Training. CCCM Cluster Trainers conducted Camp Coordination and Camp Management training for seventeen (17) participants. Among them, Government officials and camp managers from JCCC, DRC and Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF); and officers from IOM and UNHCR. This training was opened by Ms. Vian Rasheed, Head of ERC, and Barbara Rijks, IOM Head of Erbil Office. 

This training was conducted by CCCM trainers: Avan Yousif, Massoum Yousif, Jacqueline Julca Herrera and Aliyah Sarkar. This activity aimed to strengthen technical capacity from government officials and main CCCM Cluster partners by applying tools and principles in Camp management and coordination activities in order to improve living conditions, ensure assistance and protection of displaced population  in camps according to International Standards and ensuring Community Participation This training was based on CCCM materials and technical tools. This activity was a good space to strength national capacity through an active and participative methodology based on Adult Learning approach developed by CCCM Cluster. Besides that, the training reinforced coordination channels develop by ERC in response to the Emergency situation, this space promoted a learning and sharing environment for camp managers to bring good lessons and experiences at camp and inter camp level.

This CCCM training consisted on: Introduction to CCCM, introduction to Camp Management, Roles and Responsibilities, Protection in Action, Community Participation, Gender based violence (GBV), Care & Maintenance, Safety & Security, Information Management and Coordination. By the end of this capacity building activity all participants were provided one CCCM training package that consisted on 50 camp management tools develop by ERC, DRC, NRC, CCCM Cluster and other resources like videos: Electric Hazards and unsafety use of kerosene, fire safety produced by IOM in Iraq under ECHO Project in order to raise awareness on camp residents.