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CCCM Training of trainers (ToT) in Sulleymaniah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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CCCM Training of trainers (ToT) in Sulleymaniah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Sulleymaniah- Kurdistan Region of Iraq, On November 16th - 19th  CCCM Cluster implemented a CCCM Training of trainers (ToT) in English and Kurdish Sorani. This training was organized by UNHCR and funded by REACH a local NGO in Sulleymaniah. The ToT lasted four days and gathered 17 participants, among the participants, there were four national participants from Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCCC),  four participants from REACH, five participants from International Rescue Committee (IRC) and four staff members from UNHCR. This ToT was conducted by Jacqueline Julca, CCCM Sub National Coordinator for KRI, Ayad Othman, CCCM Coordinator for Duhok and  Kamaran Ali, UNHCR Field Officer.

The core of this ToT was to establish CCCM training capacity based on learning principles in order to improve the skills and attitudes of the trainers, develop training techniques and methods based on global CCCM training material and to adapt it to the context in order to replicate and deliver CCCM trainings and build CCCM capacity of national actors regards camp management and camp coordination.

New CCCM trainers acquired new tools and techniques such as: Designing a training event; adult learning; managing the group, time and space and interpersonal communication skills.  The training aimed to be interactive, as participants were receiving the knowledge they put into practice through the development and presentation of CCCM modules such as: CCCM introduction, Roles and Responsibilities, Participation, Protection, Care and Maintenance, Coordination, Information Management and Gender based violence.
CCCM KRI welcomes new CCCM trainers and reinforces its commitment to work together through technical assistance in order to replicate more interactive trainings and reinforce the capacity of National authorities, national and international partners in Sulleymaniah.