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CCCM Training in Burundi

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Burundi Training - Gitega

CCCM Training in Burundi

From the 31st July to the 8th of August 2013, two consecutive CCCM training workshops took place in Gitega, Burundi. The three day event brought together camp administrators, camp managers from the Burundian governmental agency in charge of refugee issues (ONPRA) as well as UNHCR staff and partner agencies working in the refugee camps. A total of 60 participants were trained on the essentials of CCCM.

Burundi hosts a community of Congolese refugees (from DRC), which is increasing in number due to the on-going instability in neighboring DRC (current UNHCR figures indicate 37,750). Internally displaced persons (IDPs) (estimated at 78,900) have existed in Burundi since the end of the 90s and efforts have been made by humanitarian actors to improve their living conditions and reach durable solutions. Meanwhile the government is making timid concessions on this highly politicized topic. A huge community of Burundian refugees (35,000), living in Tanzania, returned to Burundi in 2012 as result of a tripartite agreement between UNHCR and the governments of Tanzania and Burundi. Burundi has also signed the Kampala Convention (an African Union convention on the protection of IDPs) although it has not yet been ratified.

The training workshops gave all actors working within the refugee camps the opportunity to become familiar with the cluster approach, the CCCM framework, as well as discuss in detail the challenges linked to the management of the camp life cycle in a refugee context. The highly participatory spirit as well as the interest on this topic demonstrated by the participants was encouraging for the three IOM French speaking trainers mobilized for this activity (1 lead trainer from DRC and two co-trainers from Haiti and West Africa).