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Standards and policy setting: tool development, best practices

Building response capacity: inter-agency roster for regional and national trainings, training of regional and national trainers, capacity building deployments

Operation support: surge capacity/expert deployments, technical guidance, short term diagnostic and technical missions, advocacy and resource mobilisation



Camp Administration

Refers to the functions carried out by governments and national authorities that relate to the overseeing of activities in camps and camp-like situations. It comprises such State functions as securing land and occupancy rights for temporary settlements and resolving disputes arising from land appropriation, providing security, preserving law and order and facilitating access to camps by humanitarian agencies. National authorities also play a key role in camp phase out and closure, as well as in leading the identification and facilitation of durable solutions.

Camp Management

Is often performed by a local or international NGO / Agency. The camp management function involves the coordination of assistance and services at the level of a single site or host community and entails coordinating protection and services, establishing governance and community participation, ensuring maintenance of camp infrastructure, population data management and monitoring service delivery. Information management encompasses the activities through which relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about a camp is used among partners. Collecting and sharing data and information is key to identifying gaps and needs in camp operations and planning and implementing accordingly. 

Camp Coordination

Coordinating entails creating access and delivery of humanitarian services and protection to displaced populations, and the coordination of the roles and responsibilities in the site response. The coordination function is closely linked to the administration and management functions, as well as those of other humanitarian and development partners, such as agencies providing assistance, civil society, donors, the diplomatic community, the host community, the media, and others involved in response. Within the CCCM Cluster framework, camp coordination is the role of the Cluster lead agency, UNHCR or IOM, depending on the context.


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